Your fixed schedule
made flexible.

Losing track of events? Missed the alarm at 07:00?

Daily routines became aspirational. Let’s make it a real thing.



All-day events

Fixed / variable events

Minute-level planning



All-day events

Fixed / variable events

Minute-level planning

How it works.

1. Wake up

Your schedule gets arranged starting now.

Woke up at 13:00? No problem.

2. What now?

Check your current event.

Focus on it.

3. What’s next?

Preview the rest of the day.

Don’t miss anything.

4. Watch your time

Manage your energy.

Don’t overload yourself.

n. Templates, checklists, and more


Just Write

Create events only using text.


Add recurring or one-off tasks.

Time Tuning

Adjust the hours as you wish.


Routines tailored to your day.

  • Multi-Device Sync

  • Fixed Hours

  • Export Options

  • All-Day Events

  • Dark / Light Mode

...and many others.

Available on desktop & mobile.

Install on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, Web (Chrome), Windows & Ubuntu/Linux

Try it out.

Minimal Expanded Beethoven Mozart

Click inside the text box to write your events.

No need to learn anything besides writing an event’s title and how long it lasts (“1h“, or “30m“, or “1h30m“).

Sample routines are available above the app.

(Data is not saved)

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Rotime was created to help people with irregular schedules maintain a recurring routine that adaps to their waking hours. This is a common problem caused by insomnia, frequent travel, DSPD1, N242, among others.

Calendars and similar planning tools are not flexible enough to accommodate constantly changing schedules, and their predictability ends up becoming a hindrance rather than a benefit.

An initial attempt at a solution may involve setting up repeating events on a calendar, which quickly proves impractical, given that events are not dependent on one another and require daily manual rearrangement to prevent overlapping.

A complex spreadsheet that mimics a calendar with auto-adjusting formulas could also be devised, but let’s face it, the user interface is way too complex and unappealing to look at throughout the day.

Applying this method (every day a new schedule) on paper and pencil provides a simple and elegant solution, but the limitations of analog text (and having to rewrite) when compared to the potential of its digital counterpart is always present.

Rotime was born out of the balance struck by combining the concepts of days and hours from calendars, dynamic formulas from spreadsheets, and the simplicity of pure text formatting from pen and paper.

In today’s era of remote work, the importance of improving coordination between different people, their time zones, schedules, and other factors is often emphasized. However, there is still work to be done to bridge this gap. New tools and methods must be developed to address both new and overlooked challenges such as this.

Hopefully, Rotime becomes a step in that direction.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes! A free version is available on this page, no sign-up required. Scroll up and start using the embedded app to try it out. Most features are available, although no data is saved or synced.

Rotime is not a calendar. It focuses exclusively on the current day, rather than planning ahead or looking back. It is closer to a day planner.

Simply click on the three-dots from the app, which will open the “Settings” page, and then click on “Stop Subscription”. Instant cancellation, no further action required. We also process cancellations via email (

The summary of our privacy policy is “We don’t collect, share or sell any personal information, period.” You can find more details on the link at the footer.

Almost the entire app is available to try for free. We believe a confident decision can be made before purchasing, and are currently offering no refunds. You can also easily cancel at any time (instructions above).

I’m K, a free-running sleeper (with an ever-rotating sleep pattern). Rotime was developed on my own and I use it on a daily basis. It started as a simple method which I ended up implementing through multiple interfaces until I reached this one. I look forward to making people’s lives a little easier with Rotime. More on this below.

Rotime is a portmanteau (or blend) of the words “Rotative“ and “Time.“